Winners Announced: Guacamelee! Contest

Hey there Polynauts. It's time for a community giveaway. *thumbs up*

I have 20 codes in my inbox to give away for the recently release platformer from Drinkbox Studios, Guacamelee! Ten of those codes are for the PlayStation Vita, and ten are for the PlayStation 3. The codes are Cross-Buy enabled so if you get one for Vita you can download the game on PS3, and vice versa.

We've been asked to see if you, the Polynauts want them, and from past experience I've never ran a contest you've ignored so I'm going to assume that yes, yes you do!

What is Guacamelee?

If you don't know what the game is, Phil Kollar gave the title 9 out of 10 in the Polygon review, stating that "there are plenty of retro-themed 2D releases mining 8- and 16-bit nostalgia and concepts, but very few are crafted with Guacamelee’s expertise."

Our man Dave Tach previewed the game at PAX Prime last September, and you can watch that hands on session and his chat with the developers in the video below.

What's the question?

"What sort of powers (one word, not specific actions) is Juan gifted upon his resurrection as a luchadore?"

If you don't know, you can read the Polygon review and get the answer from there.

The rules.

This contest is only open to North and South American PSN users. You have my most sincere apologies, but the codes provided will only work within those regions.

Here are the winners!

chrisxvasquez, IHateATMFees, Ohvee. bdip, nicholasdelucca, Ubidan, Alice Pearl, Jordan Kidd, StuffNFluff, CrippledLucifer, nonsomniac, TOM JONES, Mockduck, gk1225, Richard Sebren, spookyxelectric, baladec, matthew peters, HumanEvan,Sam Huang

Congratulations to you all, and we'll be doing this again in the future so stick around the forums to hear about it first folks :)

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