The Polyknights - Our official GW2 Guild

Guild Wars 2 is almost two months old, in a few days in fact. It has already seen its first major content patch in the form of a Halloween holiday event and came with several additional things to do and collect.

The Polyknights is the official Guild Wars 2 guild of Polygon and we welcome you to come and play with us.

The Polyknights will first and foremost be a community. Our priority is to provide fellow Polynauts an opportunity to play with familiar names or faces--creating a friendly community where all Polynauts can enjoy Guildwars 2 together. This will be our Guildwars 2 chapter.

The entry requirements are simple, you only have to be a member of the Polygon community. Our server is Sanctum of Rall (NA) or Whiteside Ridge (EU), neither are requirements to be a member.



The Rules

1. The Polygon community guidelines apply to the guild and all guild related communication.
2. Polyknights is about community and fun--even though it is WvW, this is not real war.
3. Friends and family first--play with anyone or any guild and nobody can hold that against you.

Guild Leaders

XenoSilence (NA) : xenosilence.3728
Lynith (NA): Lynith.2780
Phil K (NA) : KefkaTaran.4576
Salias (NA) : Salias.1647
Kapzer (EU): Kapzer.8405


Currently many of our members have either taken a break from Guild Wars 2 or have stopped playing entirely. Hopefully some people will come back. Now that we have our own forums to work with we will start organizing guild events ranging from high level meta events, dungeon runs, World vs World, and structured PvP.



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