My Experience so far and asking for advice

About a month or so ago I received my box from Polygon containing Guild Wars 2! Thanks again for that! I wanted to post a few pics but I couldn't find a way to post a pic without having it somewhere online first.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my time so far. I created a Norn Guardian as my first character. It's been great! I'm currently just beyond level 30.

I like there are no real set quests. You just explore to your hearts content and stumble upon things that need to be done. I enjoyed the public quests from Warhammer Online and this feels like an evolution of that mechanic.

Overall I have been loving the game! It's not an revolution of the genre, it's an evolution(I know this has been said in many reviews, but it is very true). Which isn't a bad thing!

If anyone from Polyknights is still playing it would be fun to get an invite and play together. My home server is Sanctum of Rall.

The piece of advice I'm looking for is what class to try next? I had a Charr Engineer, Sylvari Ranger, or a Mesmer in mind. They all seem really neat classes, though I have heard the Engineer really takes until level 40 or so to get really fun. Let me know your opinions!

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