Halogon: Polygon's Own Halo community and matchmaking thread!

Here is the main thread for the Polygon Halo community. We've been operating since about June of this year, and have scheduled numerous successful group playdates, many culminating in massive BTB pubstomping or custom game madness. Since we have what is undoubtedly the biggest and best console multiplayer event of the year in Halo 4, Polygon has graciously allowed us to have this thread set aside for general Halo discussion and community matchmaking.

Like Capture the Flag or Oddball? So do we! Enjoy racing in Forge World creations? You're not alone! Want to go head-to-head in BTB with the rest of the Halo playerbase? Halogon's got your back! Every so often, a new Halogon multiplayer thread goes up so that we can discuss the upcoming game day or schedule other playdates apart from the main gathering. We are always on hand to boost achievements if that's what you're looking for.

To get in on the fun, send a friend request to GT: PolygonHalo, which is the Halogon metatag. If you're going to drop a gamertag in here, however, introduce yourself and talk about gametypes you like, your favorite Halo game, maybe something to give us an idea as to who you are aside from what your Gamertag is. It makes things less....strange....when the friend requests get sent out. Make conversation! That's what this thread is here for!

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