Good mechanics are good mechanics

So Halo 4 reviews are coming in. Gamers being gamers, and Call of Duty still being the cool thing to hate, Halo 4 borrowing a few elements has been a bit controversial.

Now, there's a logical foundation in that. People don't like CoD. Therefore, things in CoD or associated with it are also bad, right?

Nope. Well, not necessarily.

Call of Duty nearly perfected competitive multiplayer. Say what you want about where the series went from MW2 on (and I'm by no means a fan), but it didn't become the best selling piece of media ever for doing it wrong.

And 343 obviously took a few things, including but not limited to-

-Sprint (which is extended from Reach more than taken from CoD)


-And instant respawn

These things are all in Call of Duty. So by a certain group of people's logic, they're inherently bad.

Which is ridiculous. Specifically, real quick-

-According to 343, sprinting became a default thing because a lot of players used it exclusively in Reach. Giving everyone sprint gives people who always stuck with it, including myself, an opportunity to use other, more specialized abilities.

-When you die in any existing Halo game, the camera zooms out to watch your body fall to the ground. Maybe you'll see the person that killed you, if you were close together. Maybe you died near a ledge and you'll watch yourself fall off the map. Maybe you don't even know how you died and you'll just stare at your corpse in a ditch. Killcams give you not just something useful to see, but a reason to see it. Newer CoD players sometimes use killcams to study tactics. Seeing how someone beat you is probably one of the best ways to learn. And for those times when you die out of nowhere, you can finally see what happened to take off that edge of frustration. All of this at no cost (unless one of you out there is really that attached to staring at your corpse in a ditch).

-As far as instant respawns, the review on this site covers it well. To put it simply, death becomes less of a punishment and players are more involved in the action, which is balanced, as the review says, by being "faster to get back into the fight after death by hitting X to respawn, though waiting will spawn you closer to your team."

Bad things are never made up of only bad things. And no matter where a good idea comes from, it's a good idea, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it being used by other people. If you really want to take sources into account, I'd bet there's not a single game this generation that doesn't carry a little bit over from something you hate.

And if the reviews are to be believed, Halo 4 doesn't take them because CoD makes money, it takes them, and incorporates them well, because they work. That's the only thing that matters as far as judging the game. Not where its mechanics came from, but if they're good. It's really that simple.

The reaction isn't a surprise, though. People completely wrote off Black Mesa (the Half Life remake, to save a few people a trip to Google) when they saw iron sights in a gameplay video. No, really. They saw the sights, which were later confirmed to only be used on one weapon, and went "I was going to get this but now it's CoD and it sucks". And not sarcastically. How rational.

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