Midnight/Day 1 Play: Favorite Primary Weapon So Far?

Any other Polygoners playing multiplayer right now? What primary weapon gels with your play-style so far? For me, it would actually be the Assault Rifle. First of all, Im a sucker for the underdog in anything - so I immediately gravitated to the AR. Also, Im just a good ol' sprayer. Never been a precision shooter.

I have found that I am generally better with the power weapons rather than ANY of the primary weapons (including my beloved AR). So my strategy right now is to quickly locate ANY power weapon on the map (thank god for waypoints lol) and spray anyone on my path to that power weapon (or vehicle if I cant find a power weapon). It's a fun tactic so far. I call it the Power Spray lol.

My favorite power weapon you say? Definitely the Binary Rifle. Yup, I know it's in the precision class. But the way it looks and the "incineration" after effect makes me want to master it. And mastering it I am!

Further proof of my love for the Assault Rifle? If you look at me service record right now - you will see that my "Favorite Weapon" stat is occupied by the AR!

Lovin H4 so far, its been 5 years!

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