Polygon Community, Let's Make a Halo 4 Montage

Hi there Polygon readers, Halo players, and general gaming enthusiasts. Jimmy Shelton of the Polygon Video Team is creating a Halo 4 montage, and he wants you to submit your most awesome Halo 4 clips for inclusion in the finished piece.

As you can see in the teaser above Jimmy and his friend love to snipe people, and they seem to be pretty good at it too; but that's not the only type of footage that he's looking for. Thematically we want this to be a slice of good lighthearted fun; so regardless of whether you're a run and gun type, or you play a pretty spirited game of Griffball - anything goes, and all is welcome.

If you want to submit a clip or two then we need you to follow a couple of guidelines, in this order:

  • Clips should be labeled IN YOUR FILESHARE as such: PLY_YOURGAMERTAG_001, PLY_YOURGAMERTAG_002, etc. with a description of what the clip contains.
  • All clips being submitted must be in your fileshare.
  • You must post your Gamertag in the comments of this post for your clips to be accepted. Send a friend request to PolygonHalo from the corresponding Gamertag.
  • All clips need to be submitted by 5:00PM EST on January 31st, 2013.

Bring your best game, and most memorable clips folks. Every Sunday beginning 1/6 we'll run a Community Halogon event throughout the day, with other 'flash mob' sessions through the week. If you don't have that many folks on your friends list available to play with, then make sure to scrub through the Polygon Community Connect thread and grab some other Polygon usernames.

Now, let's go help make a video shall we?

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