Hearthstone: Beta Notes and Experience

I have been waiting for months to get into the beta for the new card game coming from Blizzard. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is not your average card game either. With all the animations, corny lines, and strategy, it is shaping up to be one of the best card games on the market. Here are some notes on my first hour with the game. (Note: I've only played the missions they make you play and battled one online foe so far.)

Where to Attack

One of the main things people need to understand is where and what they are attacking. The gameplay videos showed the players attacking the each other minions, but you do not HAVE to do that. If there is not Taunt card on the field, then you can go straight for the health of your opponent instead. However, you can hurt yourself by doing this more so if you do not pay attention.

When I was battling someone online, they kept going for my HPs only. They decided to ignore my minions. While they thought it was a good strategy, once I got a taunt card and enough minions out there, I could basically destroy all of his minions in one turn and make sure he attacks my Taunt card and not my health. Not only that, but one way to look at it is, the more minions you have on the field, the better chance you have of winning (hopefully your opponent does not have a spell card that can destroy all of your minions).


via eu.battle.net

Create a Deck

Creating a deck is easy and fun. They have a button you can click that suggests cards for you. Since I am pretty new at this game, I decided to let it suggest every card and you can pick one out of three cards they suggest. Since you can only have 30 cards per deck, it was pretty fast and easy. The second time I created my deck, with new cards I picked up from winning, I chose the cards that I feel I needed in my deck first, then had it suggest cards. It's a great feature to make sure you do not get overburden with the same high level cards. Maybe once I get great at the game, I will be able to form my own decks without it suggesting cards, but it is a very helpful tool when you first start playing this game.


via eu.battle.net

Spells, Spells and More Spells

Spell cards can be some of the best cards you need to defeat your opponent. For example, when I first started my match against someone online, I drew my cards and I was first to go. Well, I did not have any minions in my hand that were 1 gem stone, but I did have a spell card I could use. Basically, this spell card does three random damage points to whatever was on your opponents side. Since I went first and they had no minions, I was able to use that card and get a free three HPs off them quick. Not only that, but since most minions require you to wait a turn before they can be used, I could place a 2 gemstone minion on my next turn.


via i1.2pcdn.com

One thing I did not use, which I will be using next time when I play, was minions with spell bonuses. Some cards have bonuses and some do not. The spell ones might add an additional damage or plus one to the stat of the spell card.


via www.cinemablend.com

Taunt Cards

Use them often. Each of my decks have around 3 or 4 taunt cards. The reason for this is because they can save you when you are in a bind. Since your opponent can ONLY attack them, it makes for a good way to hold your ground until you get the right card next round. Even a stat 1 attack and 1 health taunt cards can be great.


via www.utopianchaos.com

Well this is all for now. I hope to play some more tonight. This game is really fun and I cannot believe how great this card actually is. This can be a game changer for card games around the world. I have not played a card game like this since Yu Gi Oh, and this game blows that out of the water. It is simple, and can be complex with certain strategy. Give it a go when you get a chance. If Blizzard opens up the refer a friend for beta, I will try to post one in a thread.

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