Square Enix is starting to piss me off!!!!!!

Alright so I wanna start by saying I'm a huge huge huge kingdom hearts fan. I've played every game they have come out with on every platform and I'm playing 1.5 as I write this. I feel like square does not care that much about the fans of this game. I mean first off its been a million years since we have gotten a game on a home console and when they finally do it we get a half assed hd remake of the first game 2 weeks before nex gen. Then they don't even put the best games on the remake with kh1 like BBS or KH2 or DDD. As if that wasn't enough we find out that the next one is on the early stages of production...like what the hell have been doing all this time. I know I should be patient but I feel like all the fans have been more than patient. Like damn man. It's like they are going out of their way to keep delaying this game......well I just wanted to get that off chest.

Any comments?

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