Crossover Mac games

Howdy all.

I use a Mac because of my job. I don't want to use a Windows machine at home for various reasons, and that includes Boot Camp. (I'm a certified Apple repair tech, so knowing the OS inside and out is important)

As we all know, gaming on the Mac is.....lacking.

I was lucky and received a free copy of Crossover Mac. I discovered that Steam for Windows runs, and that Orcs Must Die! runs as well. So that's good. This weekend, I tried the Torchlight II demo to see if it would run, and it did with a few minor tweaks to the settings. (turn shadows off and the blacks spaces are now visible)

Does anyone know of any other games that will run under the latest version of Crossover, in Steam or stand alone? (my internet is slow-ish, about 2mb down, and downloading demos takes too long, especially if it's not going to work, and kills my internet)

So, suggestions are welcome, and I'll answer any questions on compatibility I can.

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