Improvement List: A fan based opinion thread

Polygon is finally live and I think it's one of the most innovative websites on the internet. While the design is simply jaw dropping I am starting this thread so that we all can share our opinion for the next few months as to how the site can be improved aesthetically. Here are some of my suggestions:

1. The profile thumbnail on the main header could be elongated a bit so that it actually drops out a little from the header space. In that way users can distinguish their profile area easily (from the social media icons)

2. When Logging in with Facebook I found that after leaving the site I still have to login again. I checked remember me but that does not help

3. This is an idea: The review score can be animated just like when you go to and you see a one time animation of the "10 hour battery life" using HTML 5. So for the score when a user finally scrolls down they might be presented with a one time circular type animation of the review score.

4. The section "Welcome to Polygon Its a website" on the header is (If I am not wrong) for important news. This area should be flexible with the right hand search bar. I think this will make things look cool.

These are some of my suggestions. Of course I am just a big fan and the designers know more than me.

Note: If you are active in Polygon Forums please suggest some improvements for the site. This thread is specifically for small little and cool changes, bold ideas etc.


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