Suggestions for the success of this forum

We need a "General Video Game Discussion" forum to separate the Off-Topic forum from the random video game questions.

I love video games but I'd love to get to know my community as well, thus I suggest we have no video game discussions in the Off-Topic forum.

What do you guys think?

You guys are doing some great work, keep it up.

EDIT: Sorry if I come across as complaining, I'm not, I love what you've guys have done. But in order for this to work as a real forum I think it should be more forum-like. Sequential posts and quotes instead of replies. I end up not reading half of the posts because the format isn't ideal for a forum. It works great for comments on a story but not for what we have here. We don't need fancy banners or anything like that but I think a traditional forum layout is essential. I feel this needs to be addressed quickly if we are to keep people coming back to the forums. This exact reason is why I never really got involved with The Verge forums, they're not really forums.

I know that you guys are busy but I assure you it will be worth it.

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