Missing site features

At the moment these are the only things that really stand out to me.

* Tags on news.

* There are game hub pages (eg: http://www.polygon.com/game/borderlands-2/2634) but if you're reading a news article, there's no way to actually go back to the game hub to see more news about the game. Some people might not even realize these hubs exist.

* Comment management is a bit weak. I get the purpose behind adding a timer to edit a comment, but you should also allow me to delete my comment as well. Earlier this week I mistakenly posted a comment in the wrong article and had no way to delete it.

* Notifications if someone's replied to a comment you made. At the moment I have to go to my profile and keep track if the 'Reply' counter has gone up.

* News should respect my Time Zone preference. At the moment it's always shown as EDT.

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