Do Polygon readers tend favor Halo over COD?

It's just an observation I had (I'm not trying to start any fights and any I don't really have enough experience with COD to have a reliable opinion about it) but it seems that while COD is more popular than Halo in general, I feel like there are more Halo fans in the comment's sections and forums of Polygon.

This caught my attention in the comment's for the most recent Besties, where there were were several pro Halo comment's but almost none that were pro Black Ops 2. I also noticed that the Halo 4 forum is relatively lively, while the Black Ops 2 forum is not (save for the really informative post that Russ Frushtick wrote about the Black Ops 2 review event).

I should point out that this isn't a complaint, as I'm a Halo fan and am quite happy that the Halo 4 forum is as active as it is. But it did strike me as interesting and a bit surprising that Black Ops 2 specifically or COD in general don't appear to be similarly represented. Having become something of a Polygon fan, I would like to see fans of all games around here even if I don't really play their games. Does anyone know if there are demographic differences between the COD and Halo fan bases that might account for this? Or perhaps some other reason why COD fans might not be as active on the forums?

Or am I being dumb and reached the wrong conclusion all together?

Signed, Random Thoughts on a Sunday Night.

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