Do you find Polygon pretentious and out of touch?

Let's disregard the fact that this website took $750,000 from Microsoft (a company they need to cover) to make their documentary. And let's disregard the fact that this unethical act is one a freshmen journalism student would find abhorrent. And let's also disregard the fact that this self-proclaimed "savior of game journalism" consciously told everyone in the industry they are easily bought and cannot be trusted.

Let's disregard the fact that they sold out their forums and comments sections to advertisers, while then ham-fisting a representative of said company into the forums. And, finally, let's disregard the fact that this shows an obvious lack of respect for their users.

Despite all this, do you find Polygon pretentious and out of touch? I might say yes, but then again, it's a fairly new site. Maybe it will take a little while for them to come into their own once they stop being the new kid on the block. Yet again, disregarding all of the above, there's nothing all that interesting or unique about this site in the first place.

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