What can I do to make reading Polygon simpler while at work?

Let me first say that I really like the design of Polygon. When I'm at home or on my phone, I love how it's like reading a magazine full of huge beautiful screenshots.

However, when I am at work, I don't really like having a huge picture of Master Chief on my screen while I'm trying to read the review for Halo 4. Don't get me wrong. I'm allowed to browse the internet at my job whenever I get a lull, but it makes me a little uncomfortable to have huge flashy screenshots of video games on my screen. Generally, I'm just trying to read the review.

I use Windows 7 and browse with Chrome at work. If I use an RSS reader, it only picks up the news type stories. This doesn't really help me for reading reviews and other features. This is a big blow for me, because although I do like the news, the main draw to Polygon for me is the editorial content.

I have also tried installing the iReader plugin for Chrome, because it is similar to Safari's Reader plugin. Unfortunately, this plugin does not seem to pick up a lot of the text in the reviews, because of the way the pages are broken up. This makes it very frustrating to use, because I basically have to read it off the original page to make sure I'm getting everything.

Is there any kind of workaround for this? I can't be the only person with this concern. Other than that, I love the site. Thanks in advance for any help guys.

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