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Hello Polygon community, I'm Shaun McIlroy and as you know my role here at Polygon is to make sure you're all having a good time on the Polygon Community party boat. All aboard!

That includes making sure there are plenty of community events, posts and things which you enjoy reading, as well as participating in.

So far since launch we've hosted a live Polygon community podcast (admittedly we're aiming to improve on the quality of that drastically), a community contest where one winner got their name to appear in a game, we've started hanging out and playing games together in the official Polygon community Steam group. We've also had a community game night of Halo 4 in Halogon - and we're having fun with various shop contests as well. I imagine that image up top will make a few rounds soon.

Those things are cool, but what I want to know is what else do you want to see in order to have fun throughout your day? We're not talking about site features related to the Polygon design here - there's a feedback thread on Meta for that already which is covered by Justin Glow and team - but the things which keep you conversing with your fellow Polygon readers, and which make the community a great place to be.

Do you want more game nights where we record the sessions and upload them for posterity? What games are you playing that might be a good as a large community event?

If there's something else I haven't mentioned then lets hear it, from shop contests, to reader showcases of swag - I can't promise we'll do all of them but if you make the suggestions I'll certainly take all of them on board.

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