Rewards for posting?

I was thinking. I used to be part of a forum site called "Kingdom hearts". They used to have this rating system that was very addicting and rewarding.

People would have their screen name and under them they had a rank... Since it was kingdom hearts themed it would start off with the off with weakest heartless name. Then after so many post, for example, 50 they would be promoted to the next higher up monster in the game. People that had posts in the multiple thousands would eventually be "keyblade holders" and that was broken down by the names of the keyblades. So "jungle king wielder", "Oblivion wielder" and "Ultimate weapon wielder".

I hope this isn't too confusing and that I am not the only Kingdom hearts fan here that can explain the ranks.

But anyways, the system was really addicting and encouraged people to post more and be more social and keep interesting conversations going. It was an awesome feature that I really enjoyed. It was also a way to see who the senior member where and it somewhat showed who had been on for years.

I can see a few problems that may occur due to this like a people posting a bunch of nothingness just for the sake of "leveling up". My counter argument would be that hopefully people would respect each other and be fair. But if that fails I would say the moderators can look out for people just spamming about nothing. That would mean that there would be need for more. In that case I would gladly volunteer.

Anyways, sorry for the long rant. I just would love to see a system like this implemented. It would create like a game withing the forum. I know that it would at least make the experience for me very rewarding.

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