Polygon+, Polygon Prime, Polygon.. Gold? Subscription Please!

Due to a bug today with one of Polygon's ads lots of the team have taken to Twitter to insist people whitelist Polygon.com in their ad blockers to fix the problem, while simultaneously taking this opportunity to remind you it's a good idea anyway if you want the site to survive.

I really enjoy Polygon. I think it's a great site and I plan to keep coming here. I whitelisted it and lasted about three minutes before a Flash ad for Gamestop's Devil May Cry preorder bonus lagged my usually smooth scrolling and uglied up an otherwise attractive news story. I can't do it. I'm sorry. I WANT to support you. You just have to give me another way to do so, because I would stop using Polygon altogether if I had to endure ads.

Giant Bomb has yearly and monthly memberships that (among lots of other perks) remove ads from the site. I'm subscribed with them through 2016 I love those guys so much. I have no issue at all with monetarily supporting websites I like. I'd be thrilled to throw Polygon some money if they wanted to do an ad-free opt-in account upgrade.

Please, Polygon. I want to give you my money. I'm just not willing to do it by ruining my reading experience. I understand you strive to choose unobtrusive ads, but trust me when I say even the most tactful ad placement ruins this gorgeous site you've created.



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