Gaming & Relationship Paralells

So... Kotaku broke the internet this morning when Tiffany Claiborne posted an article called "How Diablo III Told Me My Marriage Was Over"

Other than opening my eyes as to how batshit crazy Ms. Claiborne seems to be, it made me wonder if being a gamer is a good make-or-breaker to finding a good mate.

Before the article, I was one of those guys whose dream girl would be a hardcore gamer like me. But, after that article, I remembered an article one of my philosophy classes from a couple quarters ago. The article talked about how people use various forms of entertainment to "escape" from reality, and how those same people use entertainment to avoid confronting any of life's problems or their own personality flaws.

After reading Kotaku's article, I started to wonder how many women are like her? How many girls are out there that use gaming as a litmus test for marriage, parenthood, etc? I also wondered how many guys are like me, who see a girl who plays video games heavily and thinks "Otaku!!!"

So, from here on out, I'm not using gaming as a make-or-break anymore. I never should have. I mean, it would be nice if she played games, but it's no longer a prerequisite. My goal is to avoid dysfunctionality, not enable it.

Just wanted to know how many gamers out there feel the same way...

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