Game developer corner of the forums?

First off, I'm super stoked that Polygon is officially live, and I cant emphasize enough how excited I am that the site will be focusing not only on the reviews and consumer side, but the narratives of those who create these games. It's honestly something I've been wanting to see for a while. Because of this, I think it would make sense to mirror this effort within the community. I think it would cultivate a casual developer culture here, and hopefully get some productive dialog going. Sure most of us would not be able to comment on the specifics of our games, but we could totally discuss the industry at large and maybe help dispel some myths as to why decisions are made certain ways.

Honestly the only reason I'm suggesting this is because I believe Polygon has the potential to affect the industry in a very positive way by not just focusing on reviews & previews. There has been a growing rift between developers and game journalists for some time, and it's pretty sad to see. The developers tend to think that the reviewers don't ever acknowledge the insane balancing act that teams are burdened with when prioritizing what gets done, what doesn't, and why. Whereas game journalists seem to feel that their perspective on the current landscape of games, and where those game competitively fall is undervalued by developers because they are way to invested in their own projects to see the forest through the trees.

Lets bridge this gap a bit by adding a developer discussion area, open to anyone who would like to discuss the in's and outs of game development!

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