Where am I supposed to be looking on the front page?

One thing that really confuses me about the way that Polygon is laid out, is the order in which I see stories on the front page. With sites like Kotaku, Giant Bomb, IGN, Joystiq, etc, I know that I've seen all of the new articles when I scroll down to the point where I see an article I've already seen. Yet on Polygon, this is what I see


via i47.tinypic.com

A new article on top, which makes sense, then an article from a few days ago? Why is that at the top? So I think, hmm, maybe that's a sort of "featured" article that they couldn't fit into the bar at the top, so I scroll down a bit further.


via i46.tinypic.com

Alright, so now we see two other articles from today, but along with two more articles from the end of November. Did Polygon take a day off on December 1st or something? Scrolling down some more I find a group of December 1st articles, but then the order gets a bit weird again. In order, I see an article from yesterday about a sale, then an article from a week ago about Harmonix, then an article from the 30th about an Oddworld HD game.

To me, Polygon's layout right now reminds me of the default layout on Kotaku, and other Gawker sites, it's all over the place. Those sites however have an option that lets me see articles based on the time that they were posted. As a guy who enjoys reading his news across a variety of sites, I want to see what's new up front. As I mentioned earlier, when I see something that I saw last time I visited the site, I know it's time to move onto the next one to check. Right now, Polygon makes me do additional digging. I'll see something I've seen before, but usually there's newer content hidden beneath it. I really want Polygon to succeed, but to me, not offering an option to order articles like most sites do just isn't very user friendly design.

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