The Polygon monthly community update (Jan '13)

Hi there Polynauts.

In order to make sure that everyone knows about some of the regular things happening here in the community I thought it might be cool to highlight some of the regular topics which happen here on the Polygon forums, as well as give a bit of a heads up on the best place to post your content. I'll aim to do this every month in order to keep you abreast of the current happenings.

Posting tips

If you've got a site-specific question or suggestion about Polygon, then post it here in Meta. However, if you have a bug you're looking to report then it's best to use the contact form and it'll go immediately into their queue.

For game specific talk regardless of platform, try searching for the appropriate forum in the search bar above the 'Popular Game Forums' area on the main page. For example, here's one for MGR: Revengeance, and even one for Revelations 2012, a game which very few people would even think had its own space.

If there's no forum for the game you want to talk about then try starting a discussion in either PS3, Xbox, Windows - or whichever platform you feel it best fits into. For general gaming discussions though such as "Where do you cross the line with video game expenses?" then that goes in Polynauts, the catchall for game discussions which need a little more room to breathe.

For general non-gaming talk there is the Off-Topic forum which has topics such as "Suggest a Documentary For Others". This is the place for general everyday talk, away from the world of video games. So comics, anime, music, television and movies are all welcome in this forum.

As a heads up here are a couple of topics which are updated weekly/bi-weekly/monthly by various folks in the community, so if you're looking to have a conversation about any of the following, then you know have a place to start. If you want to add something to this list, drop me an email and I'll be happy to oblige.

Comics! Cartoons! Anime! Crisis Vol. 2, No. 5.1: Y-Men by chaosbirdomaid

What is it: Formerly Crisis on Infinite Polygons, this reboot covers anime, comics and cartoons. Talk about those in here to your hearts delight.

Polygon Atelier: Community art thread (01-02/2013) by TXChris

What is it: Well, it's where you can share your art with the community, regardless of the format, as long as it doesn't go against the Polygon Community Guidelines.

Pokémon X/Y Monthly Hype Thread (January '13) by Shaun McIlroy

What is it: The hype train starts here, every month until launch day. Share any information on X/Y and get hype!

Polynaut Souls: Dark Souls by CoffeeJezus

What is it: CoffeeJezus listens to your Dark/Demons Souls stories and offers hints/tips/advice to get you to the next campfire. Pop in, share your tales of woe and learn from CJ on how to win.

The PolyMusic Jukebox by Helis

What is it: The Polygon community music appreciation thread, share links to your favourite YouTube/Vimeo songs here. Just don't post any illegal fileshare type things as per the community guidelines, and we'll be cool.

Polygon Connect: The Great Gamertag Roundup by Polynauts

What is it: Share your contact details across platforms here, and find other Polygon readers and commenters to play with.

And remember, as always there's the daily Off Topic thread Polygon Daily where all sorts of conversation happens to keep people entertained whilst at work.

So I hope this helps folks find the right place to post their content, whether its talking about games, comics, anime, games development, movies or food - there's a place for everything. If you have any questions then you can either email me directly, or leave a comment below.

Have fun gals and guys, and stay awesome.

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