Will Polygon have any cool PlayStation 4 Event Coverage?

Howdy, just wondering whether there are any cool plans for the PS4 event. IGN seem to be going all out, with live video before and after the event, similar to what The Verge does with major events. And I was just wondering whether Polygon will have any cool video coverage? And if not, why not? It seems like you have the people (the Vox Media video team) and some staff in New York, so if you're not doing anything, why? It seems like a big opportunity to show how amazing the site can be, but if nothing big is planned (apart from a liveblog) then what differentiates this from any other game blog?

I can definitely say that, unless Polygon has something, that I'll be over at IGN. I know that's just a "who cares" thing to say, but for big events it seems odd to not have big notices about coverage. Or even having cool live video.

Love the reviews, adore the features, but for news, what is different from anywhere else?

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