Remember when the ads on this site were supposed to be non-obtrusive and relevant?

I miss when ads were just a tiny Internet Explorer banner.

I should clarify that I'm not asking for no ads as I'm aware that they're necessary to keep a site like this running. And I understand that they can't all be about video games because then outsides start to question the credibility of your articles or reviews. But perhaps they could be.. not so large? And a bit more relevant to gamers. It could be tech stuff. It could be films, books, television. "Genre" stuff like science fiction, fantasy, horror. Anime. And please, no autoplaying videos, no margins that become links, no ads as large as a couple of rows of articles.



Like that? That's enormous.



Half of the page is screaming at me to buy Speed Stick, which if I'm being honest, I already use. Maybe some diversity would help as well, you know? Film here, phone there, Pizza Hut television series there.

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