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For the most-part, Polygons Chorus powered web-design provides a simple and pleasant aesthetic for use on both Cellphones and PC's alike. However, as the site expands I think development of a specific Polygon App needs to be reconsidered.

I'm aware of similar discussions in the past and a general reluctance to build an app, seeing as chorus allows the site to be scaled on all devices; the problem I'm having is that the more content Polygon [and Polygon users] are uploading to the site, the more my devices are struggling to adequately display all of it.

The prime example of where I'm having problems with this is on the forums. When forum threads spiral with hundreds of comments, pictures of cats, GIF's, nerd-raging and other discussion; a) my mobile internet bill soars and b) after about the first 200 comments, my browser experience slows down to the point where it feels like I'm in using AOL in 1995 and then crashes. I bring up forums as an example, but the same is starting to happen on main site articles. Articles are extremely picture heavy, and when main article comment threads go wild with commenters flipping out and going crazy, the browser on my phone gets horrible lag and usually ends up crashing.

I'm currently using a HTC Desire S handset, its not the best handset around, but at the same time its hardly an antique. I have no plan to replace it anytime soon and I'd like to keep using Polygon when I'm not near a PC; perhaps an app could be used, not as a replacement for the site, but maybe as a compliment for legacy devices?

The Verge has a very competent mobile app, perhaps Polygon should at least consider prototyping an App and seeing how it works?

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