Does Polygon have a Censorship problem??

I recieved a "warning" from polygon today, it went something like this:

"There's a fine line between voicing your displeasure at an articles existence and intentionally fanning the flames in order to evoke a reaction. We've had to remove the comment below because it wasn't conductive to good conversation in our community:"

They also said that they don't respect the defaming of peoples outside and inside of the site by calling them "trolls" This was my original post.

"I think this article was written to stir the shit. Which is a good thing, that’s why Anita Sarkeesian is such a successful troll. She sees problems that are subjective and virtually non-existent. She stirs the pot which some people say needs to be stirred, but I think to see it as a problem is to overlook all the “right” that video games have done for gender roles."

This was in response to the article written about "The Last of Us" I believe, I will say that I defended Chris *adamantly* on youtube for voicing his opinions.

I was making the observation that Chris Plante was stirring up a conversation violence in videogames. MAYBE these problems don't exist, it doesn't mean we can't talk about them though.

They don't like that I call Anita Sarkeesian a Troll and thus CALL ME A TROLL and then censor my post. I know that each decision in the aspect of design of this website, is this the design of conversational moderation Polygon wants to set? Because if so that is pretty shameful.

I would understnad if my language was out of order, or maybe if I hadn't opened a conversation that wasn't worth while, but why can't we say "Anita Sarkeesian is wrong, but wrong in a good way?"

No comments, No conversation, No new ideas.
Let's be adults here people

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