Feature series request: Polygon Time Capsule

Looking for a game to pass the time, my wife picked Fable 2 off the shelf, placed it in the Xbox 360, and was transported back 5 years to 2008. The game's environments and music still evoked wonder and the silly in-game descriptions of items forced smiles on our faces. At the same time, the jagged character models and the fighting mechanics left us wanting for a remade/remastered version of the game. The experience reminded us why we loved the game and showed us how our expectations of game mechanics and graphics have exponentially increased since the game's release.

It is for these types of insights and discussions that I would like Polygon to create a series each month in which the highest reviewed game of that month, 5 years removed, is played by 3 to 5 staff members for 1 hour or so and then the group waxes philosophically about the experience.

Much is made about the present, future, and distant retro past of gaming but little time is spent reflecting on the recent history of games.

What say you fellow Polygon readers?

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