Ben Kuchera, joining Polygon as Senior Editor, Opinion


Good afternoon everyone!

It's been an interesting month or so since my last outlet shut down, and I've used that time to take a look at the industry and my place in it. I interviewed for a few different jobs, and I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to do it.

I kept coming back to Polygon.

I've respected the work being done here since it launched, and I've been lucky to count most of the writers and editors of the site as friends. I can't think of a larger pool of talent, and the idea that I could add to it in some small way was very attractive.

I've never been part of a big team, instead I've written most of the gaming coverage for my previous outlets by myself, or with one or two coworkers. Being able to take part in a truly collaborative environment with some of the writers I've read and enjoyed for years? It proved impossible to pass up.

The world of online reporting, gaming or no, is filled with splashy headlines and collections of gifs. Polygon is moving in the other direction, releasing quality stories, long features, and headlines that actually say what the story is about.

Being part of a company that's interested in good, high-quality content, and is willing to invest in that content? It's not just rare, it's just about unheard of. It already feels like home.

My entire career has been about shining a spotlight on the best parts of gaming, and trying to minimize all the worst parts of the same. Polygon's mission statement lines up perfectly with that goal, and their work in the first two years of the site has been amazing.

Writing opinion pieces for Polygon is just about the best job I could ever hope for, and I look forward to sharing my work with you and the site.

This is a very happy day. Let's get to work!

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