Re: the Robocop Ad

Hey guys, love the site.

I understand that ads are super important for you guys to survive in your current setup. I just wanted to point out something about a current ad on the site.

There's an ad for Robocop that is pinned in the newsstream feed on the right-hand side of the screen for the regular format articles (ex:

It autoplays a video which on its own is kinda eh to start with, but what I actually noticed first, and what prompted me to speak up about it, is that anytime you mouse over the ad, it flashes red and blue for a good 5 seconds or so. Being at roughly eye level (about 1/3 down the screen), I'm constantly mousing over it as I move around and scroll/click on things in articles. Every time I trigger it, I lose my place in the article for a second because it's so distracting. I understand the ad was engineered for that spot and meant to do just that, but it's also the kind of ad that's so irritating that it makes me dislike what it's advertising, and it's also causing me to have a negative experience while trying to read articles on the site.

Please feel free to pass this feedback on to your ad people. I'm not against ads, but I am against ones that exhibit the sort of behaviors I mentioned above. The end result is that if I run into an ad like that enough, I stop looking at the site for awhile.


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