Improvements for Polygon

Are there any new improvements people would want in Polygon? I remember an employee telling me that reply notifications were coming soon and that got me thinking about what I would like to see. It would be cool to hear any suggestions from other community members, maybe the developers would take some into consideration. Here are some features I would like to see added to Polygon:

  • As I mentioned above, reply notifications. I have a Chrome extension that I use for comments on The Verge and that works really well. Notifications pop up even if Chrome isn't open so it's quite useful. Even if the feature was built into Polygon's site it would be nice.
  • Allow me to see which platforms a game is reviewed on on the front page. The score is already there, it would be nice for platforms to appear under that like they do at the end of reviews.
  • Some new way of sorting comments once they go 5 layers deep. They are currently appearing at the same alignment after that regardless of who is replying to who. It becomes impossible to read.
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