Owen Good, joining Polygon as senior reporter, weekends


In March 2008 I was on Caltrain between San Mateo and San Jose, Calif., sending an email to Brian Crecente to tell him I would join his team to work weekends. In March 2014, I'm in a house between Winston-Salem and North Wilkesboro, N.C., sending an email to Brian Crecente to tell him I will join his team to work weekends.

I'm Owen Good. Beginning March 15 I'll be writing for you Saturdays and Sundays here at Polygon. I'll be here Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, too, but weekends have been my primary news cycle for the past six years. I think I'm good at covering them, at finding things of interest to people when they're actually reading about video games at home and not, you know, work, and I'm delighted to be doing that for Polygon.

Speaking as a reader of Polygon, this is a staff of many experienced writers bringing their combined strength to a subject in ways no other publication can. It's thrilling to realize that is what I'm joining, let alone that I'm worthy of such company.

But the goal is not to write a bunch of self-congratulating things for myself; it's to report the interesting facts of the day, completely, accurately, and fast against the deadline. That's described Brian ever since he came through the door in Denver in 2001, fresh off covering the 2000 presidential election recount in Florida. That also describes the news staff he hires.

I'm thrilled to reunite with lifelong friends like Adam Barenblat and Michael McWhertor. And even if he's a Yankees fan, I'm excited to finally join forces with Samit Sarkar, with whom I've appeared on The Press Row Podcast to discuss sports video games over the past year and a half.

There are many more colleagues on the staff I will come to know better; more importantly I will also get to know Polygon's readership. I'm honored to serve it, beginning today.

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