Mobile Game Coverage

Most of the games on the smartphone and tablet app stores aren't as interesting as they used to be, but every once in a while there is an ios, windows phone or android game really worth playing. The problem is with the little coverage Polygon currently have on Mobile Games, I, as a reader and consumer, am left completely unaware of these games. Polygon have covered mobile games before in Reviews, Video series and early Besties episodes but these gradually faded away due to the lack of regular mobile games worth playing and the fact that little mobile games are inherently not as popular as pc or console titles. I understand that bringing back any of the aforementioned mobile game recommendation projects might take to much time to be worthwhile but a little pin or list of ios, android and windows phone games would be very useful to people like myself of whom I think there are more of. In the May Besties Episode there was a small segment on mobile games. I had never heard of these games before at all and after looking them up and downloading them, I had alot of fun with them but without this little diversion into recommended recent mobile games, I would never have known. Never played and enjoyed the games. Never have payed and simultaneously supported the developers. As a consumer I am more focused specifically looking out for titles for pc or console but am also always interested when someone recommends me something for the mobile platform.

- Maxwell Young | Glitched Games

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