MLP Episode 304 "One Bad Apple" Discussion Thread (Spoilers)


Alright folks, it's that time of the week once again. Time to discuss come new pony!

I'm a bit mixed on this episode, it had some really good moments, it just didn't do it for me like the last few.

The Good

  • The CMC still work great together. When they first appeared I was worried that the "quest for the cutie mark" thing would make them get old real fast, but they've found lots of ways to use them other than just trying to find their talents.

  • I like that Sweetie Belle was constantly trying to be the voice of reason. It fits her character well, and it makes here a good foil for the other two.

  • Scoots and Sweetie both seem to be getting better and flying and magic.

  • The song was great. It was nice and catchy, and had some great animation to go along with it. I particularly like the poor cup.
  • Cup_medium

The Bad

  • Babs was just a jerk. I know they try to explain it as her trying to avoid getting bullied, but I think they took it a bit too far. Even at the end I just wanted her gone. I mean she even kicked poor Apple Bloom out of her own bed, you can;t make me like or sympathize with the character after that.Bed_medium

  • Apple Boom's voice seemed off at times. I'm not sure why it was off, but it got a bit distracting at times.

  • The whole, tell your family about bullies thing seemed a bit shoehorned it.

  • Pinkie's cameo was just weird. As much as I like Pinkie, I think she was unneeded in this episode.


This episode wasn't terrible, and I did like several moments from it, but in the end I felt it was kind of meh. I just wish they would have spent a bit more time making Babs sympathetic, as it would have made the ending work better. This is the kind of episode I probably would have loved if it was in season 1, but at this point I expect a lot more from the show.

I give this one a 6 out of 10

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