MLP Episode 305 "Magic Duel" Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Discussion thread time! Tell us what you thought about the new episode!

Holly crap that episode was awesome! The stream I was watching cut in and out, but even still I enjoyed the crap out of it. There were a ton of great things in this episode, so I'm just going to point out a few things that stuck out to me.

The Good

  • Alicorn is now the cannon term for winged unicorns.
  • I thought it did a good job of explaining why Trixie wanted to get revenge. I was concerned about it because in her first episode she was arrogant, but not really evil, but explaining that the amulet corrupts the user was a good enough reason for me.
  • Introducing gender change spells, and then retconning them 10 seconds later. I like to imagine there were certain fans that got really excited only for it to be immediately taken away.
  • It was good to see Zecora as Twilight's mentor. I know that's what she was originally planed for, so I'm glad to see they were finally able to get to it in some way.

The Bad

  • The ending felt rushed. It didn't ruin the episode for me though, I just wish they would have had about 10 more minutes.
  • Fluttershy's overly shy bit felt a bit overdone this episode. It did lead to some cute moments though.


I loved this episode. It was total fanservice, but they did it in a good way that didn't feel like mindless pandering. Any complaint I have about this episode is just nitpicking for the sake of finding something wrong. I need to watch it again to make sure, but it may very well beat out Lesson Zero as my new favorite episode.

Score time

For me this one was a 10 our of 10

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