MLP Episode 307 "Wonderbolt Academy" Discussion Thread (Spoilers)


Episode discussion time.

The Good

  • Rainbow Dash learns about the dangers of being reckless. A lesson that she really needed to learn.
  • The steroid pony comes back. It's good to see him again.

The Bad

  • Spitfire. She's just off. Rainbow Dash is a freaking national hero who has saved the world multiple times, and The sonic rainboom was considered a myth until Dash pulled one off while SAVING SPITFIRE, and yet Spitfire says she doesn't push herself hard enough? What the crap? And how did she not notice Lightning Dust's bad behavior?
  • Pinkie Pie felt like a parody of herself.
  • The ending. I felt it would have been much more poignant if Spitfire didn't come get Dash at the end. Dash having to make the choice between her dreams and her values was great, and I felt the ending diminished that. Dash could have realized that her identity doesn't depend of being part of the Wonderbolts.


This is the first episode that I genuinely don't like. Even without Spitfire's weirdness and the ending it was still just a boring episode. It seems a lot of people do like this one, so I guess I'm the odd one out here, so maybe you all will enjoy it more than I did.

Overall I give this one a 2 out of 10

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