MLP Episode 309 "At Your Service" Discussion Thread (Spoilers)


Alright folks, it's that time of the week once again. This week I have time to do a more proper write-up, so huzzah for that I guess.

In this episode AJ saves Spike from some timberwolves, so Spike pledges a life debt to her. Hilarious antics ensue.

The Good

  • Very good use of character. I thought the way they worked in each pony worked really well. It felt like they all had things to do and were all behaving in character. Little touches like Twilight moving the ink-well back after AJ bumped it were nice.
  • Pacing was good again. Seems like they've really gotten better at pacing episodes these days.
  • It was good to see a comedy focused episode again. The last few have all focused on being heartwarming or on character development. Those are good and fine, but I still like to see an episode that focuses on making me laugh.
  • The book conversation was great. Not sure if it was a jab at fanfiction or not, but it was funny either way.
  • The whole scene of AJ's plan was hilarious. Loved every bit of it from Dash's roar to Rarity's instructions on how to be a damsel.

The Bad

  • Spike being so clumsy was a bit odd. He's been shown to be a competent worker, so it was weird seeing him so bad at housework this time. It did lead to a few good jokes though, so I'm fine with overlooking this issue. However I can see how others may not be able to overlook it as easily.
  • There wasn't a lesson at all, unless you count "don't get into life threatening situations" to be a real lesson.


I liked this episode. It had a few small issues, but I was easily able to overlook them due to the comedy focus. It's not my favorite episode, but I think it's on up there among the best.

I'll give this one an 8 out of 10

Random Stuff!


Fluttershy, you have hooves, is it really necessary to wear buckets to make clopping sounds?



I sense a new profile picture in my future.



Rarity, what the heck are you doing?

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