MLP Episode 310 "Keep Calm and Flutter On" Discussion Thread (Spoilers)


It's been awhile, but we finally have a new episode, so it's time for a new discussion thread.

This week we get the return of Discord. The Mane Six are tasked with reforming him so that Celestia can use his magic for good. Fluttershy is the only one of them that thinks he deserves a second chance.

The Good

  • De Lancie hams it up big time. It's good to see him back.
  • Fluttershy didn't revert back to her super shy personality like she often does. I'm really glad, because I'm tired of seeing her learn how to be assertive, only to go back to being too shy to function in the next episode. I also like that she knew what Discord was up to, it would have been far too easy to just make her clueless.
  • Discord's plot of focusing only on one pony was pretty interesting. I like that he knows how to change up his game-plan depending on the situation.
  • Celestia needing Discord's magic could be foreshadowing for something interesting. I hope they follow through with this.
  • Celestia finally confirmed for having two eyes!


The Bad

  • I wish we would have gotten a bit more of Discord developing a friendship with Fluttershy. We really only get one scene of it, and then it's apparently strong enough for him to give up evil (mostly). I think they should have thrown it little hints at him liking her starting a bit earlier. As it stands the ending felt a bit odd.
  • I found it odd for Discord's big return to be in a character focused episode. I kind of hoped it would be a big episode focused on all six ponies. I guess this isn't really a negative, it's just that I had different expectations.


This episode was good, but I don't think it lived up the it's potential. Discord's return could have been a big event, but instead they made it into a slice-of-life episode. Even still, it was fun, and had some great moments.Oddly enough, while I recognize this episode as being good, for some reason it bored me. I'm not sure why that is, and I'm not going to hold that against it.

I give it an 8 out of 10.

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