Fighting is Magic lives... and it's getting some help

Mane6 has updated their site with good news and bad news. The bad? They weren't able to get permission from Hasbro to finish their game. The good news? They're continuing it anyway and adding Lauren Faust to the team! They will be transitioning away from ponies and instead making an original game that has the same mechanics and personality but with original characters designed by Faust. What say you about this change? Personally, I don't really mind. In fact, this sounds pretty awesome. While it would be neat to see ponies beat the crap out of each other, this does give them a lot more freedom to do what they want with it. Hell, I'd even pay for a retail version. I'm down for a new original fighting series. I wonder, though, if they'll go with a female cast like Skullgirls or not.

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