What's your preferred video game combat style?


Hello, my name is Nipah, and I like to punch things in the face. ... in video games, of course.

Whether its an RPG, MMO(RPG), or even a FPS, I like to hit things... preferably with a fist, and hopefully in their head. If a game gives me the option, I'll be some berserk, up-front melee guy all day long.

Sometimes, however, a game is not cool enough to allow me to wield my hands as deadly, deadly weapons, and instead decides that I need something sharp or blunt and attached to a stick in order to actually do damage... And while that is reprehensible, I am willing to go along with that idea as well. If given the mandate of no fists, I'll readily make due with two swords, maces, axes, spears, sharpened rocks, anything at all.

And even then, some games don't like you using a weapon in each hand (or they delegate that prestigious ability to the dirty, sneaky Rogue/Thief classes), and then I'm simply left with two choices (because shooting magic at the darkness is not a valid choice for me): Sword & Shield, or giant, slow two hander. And in this case, I just pretend the shield is a blunt weapon, and go to town.

Of course, in any game involving guns, it doesn't generally make sense to run around trying to hit things with your bare hands (which doesn't mean I don't try), so I default to the exact opposite: Give me a huge gun, a lot of range, and a nice scope, and we'll never even need to see each other for you to hate me.

So there we have it... I like to punch things, I don't like casting magic (especially when it has a cast time... ugh), and if push comes to shove, I'll make due with a shield if necessary. Otherwise, I'll be across the level, shooting what looks like the heads off of matchsticks.

So, fellow Polygon forum people, what's your preferred style? It can be in any type of game, as long as you fight things with some type of weapon... Though if you say "Tanks!", I might think you're a dirty cheater, because punching a tank to death will take too long.

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