What are Your Scariest Moments/Memories From Non-Horror Games?

Somewhat inspired from another thread in the forums, I decided to get a little more specific and ask a similar, but different question: What particular moments from games do you remember terrifying you? And to make things more challenging and varies among you fine folks: which moments can you think of from games that weren't a horror game?

Now to add a little more variety, this can be split into two categories: Recent and Childhood. What scares us now is certainly much different than what scared us many years ago. And how we scare ourselves has also changed. And let's face it, folks. When we were younger, we got scared of some silly things...

Now to be fair, I'll share my own stories first, but you can keep it as short as you want:


Late at the end of last year, I played through the game 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors. The game was good, and certainly wasn't scary, but there was one aspect that bothered me when I thought about it. Early on, it is explained that each of the nine characters has a small bomb in their bodies. And also very early on, it kills one of the nine. And it goes into detail about how the body looks. And I mean they go into full detail. They spend a good minute or two describing it without actually showing it.

And I started just thinking about it. A bomb small enough to fit in your digestive system, but big enough to kill you. From the game's description, it's not big enough to rip your body to shreds, but it is big enough to burst your gut open. And you hear it count down until it detonates. If I was younger, this was the sort of stuff that would give me nightmares. It's probably one of the least pleasant ways to die I could think of presented to me in a game in recent memory.

I know most of this was just me looking to hard into things, but really, isn't that where the best horror comes from?


So I had just borrowed a game from my best friend at the time. Star Fox 64. I was 7 or 8 years old at the time. I spent most of the week trying to get as far as I could before something like dinner or going out interrupted and made me shut the game off and have to start all over again the next time. And every time I played, I kept hearing this name over and over again: Andross.

Now my family had an SNES previously, but I had never even heard of the original StarFox, and since this was a borrowed game, I hadn't seen the instruction manual, and because I was an impatient little brat, I skipped the opening every time. So I had no idea what this "Andross" guy looked like. And then one day, after going through the motions of the first 4 or so levels and getting farther than I ever had, I actually managed to make it to Venom. I get to the tunnel and I see this monkey talking in this weird voice flying down a shaft. And then suddenly there's afreeky green background and a GIANT MONKEY HEAD! Damn near dropped the controller.

So yeah. In grade school, Andross scared the crap out of me.

Now it's your turn! Share with the fine folks here things that scared you that had no business scaring you!

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