Crisis on Infinite Polygons Vol 2 Issue #2: It's The Great Polygon Charlie Brown!


Whoa! Snap! Huzza! Other words with exclamation points! What is going on here? Where are BreadKnight and chaosbirdomaid, and who is this new guy?

All good questions but they share one answer

<b> They’re all <i>DEAD</i> </b>

Im just joking with you, they are just taking a break while I take over for this Halloween edition of Crisis on Infinite Polygons.

Now lets get started with some comics shall we?

Featured Comic: HACK/SLASH


For those of you wondering how to pronounce that title, it called Hack Slash, not Hack Slash Slash, and it is amazing. The premise is simple. Cassie Hack was a little girl who got picked on. Her mother the lunch lady, didn’t like that so she killed the children who made fun of her daughter and turned them into food. When she was caught, she killed herself with a pot of boiling oil, leaving Cassie alone, and continued to be made fun of by children. But the murders continued as her Mother came back from the dead killing those who made fun of her daughter until Cassie killed her mother to put an end to her undead parent. Not as an adult she travels the country with her deformed friend Vlad, putting vengeful spirits, serial killers, cults, and every other kind of slasher back in their place (the ground).


Or water. Whatever.

Okay so maybe not that simple, but still its one of my favorite comics. Hack/Slash is a strange kind of comic because each story can usually stand on its own but the art style can change so radically you might think its part of a different series. There are plenty of great villains here with many different motives and Cassie knows that she needs to put everyone of them down, even when its tough (like say a bunch of kids who look normal but died and came back with the mentality of wolves). But there are also Light hearted moments like the Christmas story. But something that this comic does a lot of just as horror franchises do is crossovers. There is a good one with Mercy Sparks, one with Chucky, one with Bombgirl (who I hate) Evil Ernie, Suicide Girls, Evil Dead, Re-Animator, some webcomic, and a lot more.

Seriously though. not checking out this comic would be doing yourself a great disservice.


Get. It. Now.

Not for the Featured Animation, I had a lot of things I had to pick from. Should I do something Big that everyone knows like the Simpsons Halloween specials. Should I do an Underrated Classic like the Halloween Tree? Perhaps I need something really obscure like Ketchup vampires. Should I make it more comic oriented like Batman versus Dracula? Or should I just do a creepy cartoon like Courage the Cowardly Dog. In the end I found just what I was looking for. An underrated series which has a focus on ghosts and monsters, is known enough for people to have heard about it but obscure enough for people to not really know about it.

Now tell me.

Who you gonna call?

Featured Animation: Extreme Ghostbusters


Ah yes this was a good series, and while it only lasted 1 season (of over 50 episodes) it was great. A sequel series to the Real ghost busters cartoon it showed the original crew had shut down since there were no more ghost in New York. Now Egon teaches at college (in a class of which he only has 4 students) and life is pretty slow. That is until a new ghost attacks New York, and Egon has to give his students, with new equipment and a more lax dress code for work.

And why are they extreme you might ask? It was the 90's. Everything was Extreme.

Lets break it down by Characters shall we.

Returning from the old series we have Egon, Slimer, and Janine, all doing roughly what they did before. But we also have our 4 new Ghostbusters. First lets start off with Roland a super intelligent well thought, kind person who is a great mechanic and wishes to go to an Ivy league school. He is played by the same actor who play Carlton on Fresh Prince, and in many ways is similar to him. So essentially its Carlton the Ghostbuster.


Sadly, no Ghost were defeated by Dance

Next We got Eduardo, and lazy kid who joined the class as an easy credit but ends up appreciating being a Ghostbuster, despite his older brother still being bitter about him not being a cop.

Garret is the most energetic of the new group. Despite being wheelchair bound, he is a complete adrenaline Junkie and gets around many of the situation with relative ease. He also is kinda of an idiot often rushing into things with out thinking and causing a lot of problems. He wants people to give him recognition as a hero for being a Ghostbuster but most people still refuse to believe in ghosts.

Finally we have Kylie (voiced by Tara Strong) who is a fan of the super natural and a bit of a goth. She is the only one with any former knowledge of the Ghostbusters, and was even linked to the original series in one episode. She is the character who often carries the new bigger more powerful trap and as a result needs to carry a smaller gun.


That is the Face of a Pleasantly surprised viewer

The monster designs are still spot on with plenty of creepy looks and back stories. Some episodes in particular that stand out would be the Grundelesquel a sequel to the episode in the original series. There’s an episode which is a direct homage to the Twilight Zone episode Terror at 20,000 feet. An episode that deals with Anti-Semitism. Finally the most notable one being the two part finale where they team up with the Original Ghostbusters

Now after the series ended none of these new characters were ever used again. And while that sucks, we still have the show to look back on.

Now go all you ghouls and Ghosts, enjoy all Hallows eve and may you lanterns protect your souls.

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