Just a Thought: Video Game Music


So I just had a thought and I will have many more. I will dedicate these "Just a Thought" threads to anything in particular pertaining to video games. This thread will be about the soundtracks found in video games. Music has existed in games for as long as I've been playing them. Like in many other forms of media, music adds a level of atmosphere to a particular scene or scenery. From the beeps and bloops of the classic era of gaming to the full blown orchestras found in many triple A games today. You have a favorite as do I and everyone else. But today, as I was deciding which games to place in my favorite or all time for this thread, I was reminded of why I love The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It was the music. It is stunning as it is memorizing. I simply cannot get enough of it and I've played it many times with the incentive that I'll get to hear more of this wonderful and uplifting soundtrack. There are many other games and their OST that capture my attention but none so more than Wind Waker. Maybe it's nostalgia or my bias, I don't know, but I will consider it one to remember for years to come. Are there any soundtracks in games that you consider amazing to yourself and why?

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