Angry at a game? Break Your Controller!


Video games have offered us many joys and excitement for years and decades for others but not all have been as easy to play or finish as the rest. That one part or parts in a game that can be so frustrating and tedious that when you fail to complete the objective, you must relieve your anger! You must break something! I'm holding the game controller! Time to slam it on the FLOOR!

I, for one, work my way to slamming the controller. Phase 1: Grip the controller tightly. Phase 2: Rapidly press all the buttons at once. Phase 3: Drop (not slam) controller on the floor. Final Phase: Slam the controller on the floor. You do not move up from the Final Phase. You will continue to slam the controller until it breaks. It sounded like a good idea at the time to ease your anger until you calm down and realize that replacing controllers can be really freaking expensive!

Several months back, in an effort to relieve the tension in my backlog, I decided to play Mirror's Edge. Many games have frustrated me to no end but none more than this particular title. I, initially, enjoyed what Mirror's Edge had to offer until I reached the latter stages. When you have to do the same repetitive, tedious action over and over only to die in the same way no matter how different you try and switch it up, it can get to you. Screaming to relieve yourself can only get you so far. Never in my life had I broken a controller in frustration until Mirror's Edge. I did manage to beat the game. It only cost me $59.99 to do so!

What games have pushed you so far to the edge that you broke your controller or anything in the immediate vicinity that you can get your hands on?

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