Did You Make a Video with a Video Game?

Hey everybody, I have a question for you! Have any of you ever made a video that you think you've worked hard on, but just can't find an audience? Well here's the thread for you.

In this thread, we'll have video makers share their video-game related videos while the rest of us share our thoughts on if they're good or not, either here or on their video comment section. Those who share their videos should at least give a description of what it is and why they think its worth sharing.

Lets face it. With today's YouTube market of game commentators, many of us are going to be left unnoticed whether or not we've made a great video. With little appreciation threads like these, at least a few people might get to discover you and your videos. And who knows, maybe a link in this thread could turn out to be the next front page YouTube video with a million hits (no chance in hell).

To start this off, I'll whore myself out first. This video of mine is a Left 4 Dead 2 commentary video with only the entertaining parts cut together. I use the combination of commentary and mediocre kinetic typography to get some laughs while trying to keep things original (if you're a fan of Criken1, you know what I'm talking about). I only play on custom maps to try and keep things fresh and also give a short review on the map as well. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_usACFNtcNo&feature=youtu.be

You think you have a good video? Post it below! And throw some likes around and whatnot!

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