Free Dominguez (Kidneythieves, Deus Ex: Invisible War) Kickstarter!

So. There I was, on the internet, chillin', when suddenly, I discovered that Free Dominguez was running a Kickstarter. Actually, it was thanks to Arthur Gies' magnificent twittery. Point is, Free Dominguez, of the band Kidneythieves (who are amazing), who played a character in the game Deus Ex: Invisible War (NG Resonance), is Kickstarting an album. The stuff she's done that I'm familiar with is a bit more industrial than I normally enjoy, but there are songs, particularly Zerospace and Dead Girl Walking, that I'm in love with. Anywho, yeah, her Kickstarter's here. She's such a cool person that she really deserves your money, and, hey, she only wants $30,000. Also, IE doesn't like seeing Verge's editing features. Damn work computers.

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