The iPad Mini (and Apple in General)

I held one today and it absolutely blew my mind how thin and light it was. My giant hands fit perfectly typing either way, it feels soooo right. I own an iPad already (3rd gen) and even though the screen isn't super high definition I want one with a burning passion. This was originally for my mother for my parents wedding anniversary but after holding one... I want it so bad...

How does Apple do this? I'm not some huge fanboy either, all I have is my Apple TV and an iPad. They make everything, even something somewhat under powered as the Mini just... magical... They have a gift. I KNOW I should wait for them to release the Mini with an HD screen, just after playing with it today... they got me.

Though I'd really love to get an Android tablet as well, but the only one with the nice screen is the Nexus 10 which I think is too big for what I would use a second tablet for. Though the screen on the Nexus 7 looked really great, the iPad just... feels better, and well, apps.

What do you guys think of Apple? Personally, I love all technology, but Apple has it's own special magic when it comes to making me want to buy all of the things.

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