Buying Video Games, The Issues People Like Me Have, And The Solution, THE PACKAGE SYSTEM

I am a Junior in High School who is trying to get amazing grades who did awful the past 2 years, like C's and Ds awful! Now that i'm getting a job, I now have money for my two loves, Video Games and Comics. Obviously this is about video games, not the latter. People like me who work all the time and love Video Games have to pick and choose games, trade in games, and you lose your love, you start to think its a chore. Well I am trying something to spark it again! So without further ado I present THE PACKAGE SYSTEM!!!

What is the Package System? It helps people decide what games to get and sometimes what to sell for another package. Each package has at least two games, a game can be in more than one package. What this syetem does, is to give you priority. What games to buy first and what to hold off on.

Here is a example!

The Shooters Holiday Dream: Call Of Duty(Xbox,Ps3,PC), Medal Of Honor Warfighter(Xbox,PS3,PC), Halo 4(Xbox)

What the above package is, is that it if you love shooters, you should be buying these games over the holidays, but what if you just don't love shooters? Your a huge fan of Halo, but you also want a game that is huge and expansive over the holidays!

The Holiday Big Game Package: Halo 4, Assassins Creed 3, OTHER

What other is, it gives you a choice of what game you want, or just not buy one.

What I want from this forum topic is simple. POST YOUR PACKAGES! It will help buyers and even yourself!


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