Game Live-Streaming and Recording

Heya, Polygon!

For a while now I've been off-and-on playing with livestreaming some games. Slowly but surely my collection of equipment, and therefore my overall quality, has been improving. I'm almost where I'd like to be now: I've got a 'phat pipe' for good up and download speeds, an XSplit license which removes a lot of headaches, a good headset for PC games and a mixer/mic for console games. The only thing I can't do at the moment is stream/play console games in HD, as my setup for that uses a component cable splitter. Not only am I forced into SD on my nice big HD TV, but the splitter I'm using makes one side too light and the other too dark. It also freaks out when the screen is mostly white.

To get to the point, I'm in the market for some tech to let me play and stream/record console games in HD. I'm currently leaning towards the Hauppauge HD PVR2: Gaming Edition. It might be a little messy trying to get my mixer/mic in there (it uses component audio mainly) but otherwise it looks good.

So, do you livestream or record your games? If so, what kind of tech do you use?

(Obligatory plugs:, @Looking4Game, and my YouTube)

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