Best Co-Op Games?

When I was little and my family owned an NES, my favorite go to game was Bubble Bobble. I raced through levels 1-99, defeated the boss and saved the pair of kids. Done, right? Then to my chagrin, just when I thought I had successfully beaten the game, this message appeared with ominous music:




(*Spoiler below in the video!)

NES Bubble Bobble ending (bad ending) (via LaiSteve66)

Part of the fun for me with Bubble Bobble was this idea that it was necessary to play in co-op mode to actually achieve a happy ending. I was thrilled to have my brother or dad by my side as Player 2 and jump onto the same level to trap our enemies in bubble crossfire. I laughed manically as we popped them and scrambled to be the first player to claim the gargantuan diamond falling from the top of the screen.

Looking back on a lot of the games I played in high school, playing with someone in co-op mode enhanced the visceral experience of playing that particular video game.

So I'm wondering -- what are the best co-op games that you play with your friends? Are there any co-op games that you strongly feel must be played with a Player 2 to complete the adventure? I invite you Polynauts to share your stories!

(Also, apologies if there is already a thread about this topic. If there is, can someone link me to it?)

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